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Uninvisible Pod with Lauren Freedman

Dec 25, 2019

At this point you’re all pretty familiar with my voice, right? Well, as we head into the holiday season and close in on our one-year anniversary (!!), we thought it was time we gave you what you’ve been asking for: more of me! This episode was initially recorded for a FB Live appearance with Naomi Batty of Holtorf Medical Group – and we had such a great chat, I thought it would make the perfect round-up for 2019 and give everyone more of an insight into my WHY – and how the podcast was born out of my adverse health experiences. Learn more about my journey through Hashimoto’s disease, sleep apnea, depression, and anxiety – and how I’ve found strength in the community that Uninvisible Pod has given me. Y’all are my secret sauce – and if I know how to do anything, it’s how to tell stories…and give you the platform to share yours. Here goes nothin’! (Please also note: this episode was recorded a few months ago, and in it I mention I am a finalist for the WEGO Health Awards 2019. By now you probably know – I won!) 

Listen in as I share… 

- how I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and sleep apnea 

- how common thyroid disorders can be 

- why I think I was sick way before I was diagnosed 

- how functional medicine was my saving grace 

- how I sought resources after being diagnosed, and didn’t come up with much 

- how to find support and resources, and to navigate through your own pride 

- how I’ve treated my Hashimoto’s – with combo therapy 

- how I experienced medical gaslighting: from a female endocrinologist I used to see 

- how I’ve found peace with my body as it is now – and show it love 

- the importance of staying open-minded to treatment options when you live with chronic illness 

- how I learned to advocate to myself 

- the importance of follow-up – and how it’s your responsibility to yourself as a patient 

- the value of finding a doctor who is able to make time for you 

- how empowering it is to become an involved and educated patient 

- that it’s not all in your head – and you know your body better than anyone else does 

- how getting sick forced me to communicate better than ever with my nearest and dearest 

- that most autoimmune disease starts in the gut 

- how peptides and supportive supplements have aided in my healing 

- the importance of reducing everyday exposure to toxins – in makeup, skincare, hair care, household cleaners, etc. 

- why I am a student of my body, and follow its shifts both excitedly and accordingly 

- how I healed my relationship with food when I adopted AIP 

- how Uninvisible Pod was born organically from my experience and background 

- the importance of diversity in the discussion of invisible chronic illness – and how I’m continually working to address those gaps in the conversation 

- how great it is to find a community – and fellow Spoonie friends 

- that things are not any less complicated post-diagnosis: they are just complicated in different ways 

- why we have to be open to changing our own stories