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Uninvisible Pod with Lauren Freedman

Dec 18, 2019

Join us as we revisit some past guests to discuss new topics! Trishna Bharadia and Anisha Gangotra are sisters – both thriving with their own chronic invisible illnesses. Trishna lives with MS (multiple sclerosis) and works tirelessly as a patient advocate; Anisha lives with UC (ulcerative colitis) and has also survived PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Anisha was inspired by her own journey to begin teaching inclusive dance classes – which Trishna frequently attends! The two are a wealth of information and experience, and are incredibly close…chronic illness seems to have brought them closer, rather than pushing them apart. In this episode, Lauren sits down with them to get more into the nitty gritty of their healthcare experiences – including their take on the NHS. 

Listen in as Trishna & Anisha share… 

- that Trishna was diagnosed with MS before Anisha was diagnosed with UC – in 2008 

- that they live with their parents, and there have absolutely been growing pains as they’ve both endured symptoms and diagnoses 

- that they understand each other so much more now that they’ve both received chronic illness diagnoses – and that ultimately, these conditions have made them closer 

- that they expected to be taking care of their parents by now – but that their reality is, in fact, the opposite 

- that the try to socialize more locally now, and with friends who understand what’s going on with them 

- understanding the cost of medical care within the NHS 

- that certain communities restrict or stigmatize access to medical care 

- the difficulties of NHS branches being disconnected by region 

- the advantages and disadvantages of nationalized healthcare – within the NHS as we currently know it 

- their thoughts on the future of healthcare in the UK 

- the levels of responsibility that fall upon patients within a nationalized healthcare system 

- that we all become patients at some point – and so we all need to get involved in understanding and advocating for the best healthcare possible