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Uninvisible Pod with Lauren Freedman

Jul 10, 2019

Listen in to Part 2 of Lauren’s interview with Dr. (of music!) Ginny Orenstein, who healed herself of lupus SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, two benign brain tumors, and stroke with Medical Medium Anthony William’s protocols for diet and lifestyle. Not only has Dr. Ginny been able to tackle her own health concerns, but after a major cardiac event her husband has also joined her on the journey to wellness through MM…and has seen remission of heart damage, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, and a diseased colon. It seems the stuff of fantasy, we know! Tune in for this real-life story of renewal. 

Join us as Ginny shares… 

- that, in the beginning of her recovery, she was in a devastating car accident – and didn’t flare. She attributes this to MM 

- that 1 year after starting MM protocols, her brain tumors were gone – and there was no sign of her having had a stroke 

- that she surmises MM protocols saved her from spinal surgery post-accident. She applied protocols specifically for inflammation and spinal health 

- that she sets alarms throughout the day to remind her to pause and breathe 

- that her husband was dead for 46 minutes after cardiac arrest, and doctors found his main artery was 100% blocked, the bottom muscle of his heart was so damaged, it would never heal – but whatever he’d been doing the last few months (MM), it had saved his life 

- that at this point, Ginny decided her hubby was going fully on the heart healing protocols from MM 

- that 3 months into MM heart-healing protocols, her hubby showed signs of healing in his heart – and that based on this success, his doctors estimated that 6 months later he’d have no signs of prior cardiac concern 

- the role of Reiki, meditation, and mindfulness in her daily life – and how she learned these lessons from MM 

- the importance of boundaries in mindfulness – and in removing toxic influences from our lives in every way in order to facilitate healing 

- that healing foods are meant to unblock you – and that once you’re unblocked, then you can begin to heal 

- the importance of self-advocacy, and how she learned it as a chronically ill patient – and on MM 

- the importance of community in chronic illness 

- that she was initially told by doctors that because of all the medication she required, she couldn’t risk pregnancy – and now that she’s almost off all her medication, she and her husband can begin to try for a baby. Wish them luck!