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Uninvisible Pod with Lauren Freedman

Jul 3, 2019

At 34, Dr. Ginny Orenstein (doctor of music!) had finally been diagnosed with severe systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis in her chest and spine, two benign vascular brain tumors, and a microvascular ischemic brain disease (stroke). Her life was one of confinement – she had been bedridden for 2.5 years, and prescribed medications and chemotherapy were causing more harm than good. Her Hail Mary was played out on a whim: she purchased Medical Medium by Anthony William – now known widely himself as the Medical Medium. She started following his protocols and, with her doctors’ supervision, made lifestyle changes – particularly with regard to mindset and diet. Four years later, Ginny has done a total 180 – she has shrunk the brain tumors to almost nothing, her brain shows no signs of stroke, her lupus and RA are in total remission – and she’s almost entirely off prescription medication. As she began to see results, her husband became gravely ill and suffered a heart attack. He was witness to Ginny’s healing and decided to join her on the Medical Medium journey. He has now almost entirely reversed severe heart damage, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, and a congenitally diseased colon. This couple has changed their lives completely. We hear a lot about Medical Medium (MM) in the chronic illness community, and we thought – who better to tell us more about their experience with his work than a woman who has healed herself – and her hubby – with his advice? Listeners: meet Dr. Ginny. 

Listen in as Ginny shares… 

- that she had her first flare in 2003, which was likely triggered by extreme stress 

- the frustration of seeking her first diagnosis 

- that fluid around her heart and lungs were drained in 2012; her pericarditis persisted and would flare monthly after this point 

- that she first saw a rheumatologist in 2013 

- that Obamacare was really helpful to her, even if it was a long and winding road 

- that she didn’t get her lupus diagnosis until 2015 – 13 years after her first flare (and despite a negative ANA result) 

- that she had adverse reactions to almost every treatment she was prescribed 

- that she almost died because of drug interactions 

- that she met the rheumatologist who turned her life around almost by accident – and that he campaigned to get her off prednisone, telling her the “P” in prednisone stood for poison 

- that she tried a ton of diets to lose the weight she gained on prednisone 

- that she had read books on lupus that informed her she had 5 years left to live after diagnosis 

- that she stumbled upon Medical Medium in 2017, and brought it to her doctors to ask their advice – and that they were thrilled (GI, rheumatologist, and cardiologist were on board from the start)  

- that her transformation was incredible, but it didn’t happen overnight 

- the loneliness of living with chronic illness 

- that despite our love for our advocates, chronic illness can still strain relationships 

- that she started to notice a change in her health by week 4 on MM’s protocol 

- that after 6 weeks on MM protocols, she was no longer pre-diabetic or anemic 

- that because she very gently and slowly eased herself onto MM protocols, she didn’t experience any negative withdrawal symptoms 

- that mindfulness and energy healing have become a new focus and career path for her 

- that she is now writing a book about her healing journey 

- the interconnectedness of body and mind, and how she could only heal by working on both 

- that she relies on Reiki, breathwork, meditation, and yoga – among other practices – to target her mindful healing work 

- that her husband’s stoma healed incredibly quickly when he went whole hog on MM protocols after major surgery