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Uninvisible Pod with Lauren Freedman

Jan 23, 2019

In episode 5 of Uninvisible, Lauren is joined by best-friend duo Becca Murray and Liz Beebe – and a snoring pup named Leroy! Becca is a body-positive lifestyle and wedding photographer based in LA, and Liz is the writer of and lead singer of Dustbowl Revival (not to mention dog-mom to Leroy!). Why are these ladies on the show, you ask? Because both have lived through – and continue to thrive through – their fair share of invisible illness diagnoses (and lack thereof), from Chron’s and IBD to SIBO, Candida, a heart murmur, gallstones, toxic mold, metal toxicity, and parasitic infections like blastocystis hominis. As best friends, they have supported and advocated for each other’s care and treatment protocols – and are here to share their journeys with us. Let’s bust some ass on this SUPERDELUXE episode – good for a long drive or divided between two shorter trips! 

Listen in as Liz and Becca reveal... 

- how Liz presents with Chron’s…but most likely lives with a version of IBD 

- how Liz was first introduced to elimination diets 

- how meditation helped Liz find a pathway to whole body health 

- how Becca’s heart murmur likely caused her to overdose on antibiotics growing up – which probably contributed to more problems later on 

- how growing up in a diet-culture-focused household prevented Becca from learning how to eat healthfully, and how a lack of healthy fats gave her gallstones at 19 

- how diet culture turned Becca toward an eating disorder 

- how Becca’s dad noticed she was having balance issues, and after seeing a neurologist – who recommended she take a sleep study because she was a “sleepy lady” – she was diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia and temporarily given a prescription for military-grade speed 

- how Nuvigil allowed Becca to feel “normal”, but when her insurance changed, she was no longer able to afford it 

- how AIP was triggering for Becca, from an eating disorder perspective 

- how the meat these women choose to consume has only had “one bad day” – they seek sustainable, well-cared-for options not only for health reasons, but also for moral ones 

- how both women have survived metal toxicity, treating themselves with both supervised chelation and NDF drops 

- that your gut is your second brain 

- what it looks like to justify your invisible conditions to people who can’t see them or understand them 

- Liz’s #howdoyoueatontheroad – her tips for healthy eating when she’s touring with the band 

- how Becca’s health struggles have given her the opportunity to do a deep dive into body positivity – and who has inspired her in that space 

- why body positivity is a great space to explore when you’re going through health challenges – because it will remind you how hard your body is working and how strong it is to have gotten you this far 

- what is most fascinating about functional medicine: that most functional medicine doctors were once sick themselves 

- how Liz has learned to be unapologetic about her health needs: because she’s learned the hard way what happens when she doesn’t listen to her body 

- why Liz believes in food first 

- why it’s important to be politically active when it comes to your health insurance 

- how your skin is as much an indication of what’s going on in your body as your digestion and energy levels are 

- how talking creates community – and why you should look outside yourself for help 

- why you must set yourself up for success in your health 

- that if you can’t give yourself permission, Beebe does 

- how vitally important sleep is to healing your body 

- that self-care is not selfish, and rest is a weapon (and stress management is part of self-care)